Lindsey – Backroom Casting Couch


Lindsey – Backroom Casting Couch
Released: November 8, 2021

Lindsey is a very attractive, bubbly, and leggy blonde teenage girl. She’s got quite the personality to match. Lindsey is a phlebotomist, and like all of our lovely candidates, she’s sick of it. So she’s gonna see if she can suck and fuck her way into success. She’s a super smiley girl, she’s got a lotta spunk, and it’s a grand time getting to know her. We find out some great stuff about her fucking these two dudes like during class when she was in high school…

She really might be cut out for this kind of work. She’s got a great looking little pussy and chocolate starfish that I just can’t wait to plow. We get her out of that romper and looking adorable standing there in her red bra and panties. She looks even better standing there naked showing us that asshole. We get a butt plug in her and finally I get to put my cock in her mouth. She doesn’t disappoint. Neither does that pussy, or that ass. We have a great time fucking all over the office. She’s a fiery gal, I really enjoyed fucking her tbh. She does a wonderful job doing her kinda first real anal. She even says it feels pretty good as we get to the end. She does some very compliant ass to mouth, some great gapes, and finally I fill that pussy up with a hot warm load. As she’s dressing and we’re trying to shoo her out the door, it appears she’s not on the birth control. We also happen to be fresh outta plan-B. So Rick’s gotta do the RESPONSIBLEEEEE thing and take her to grab one of them morning after pills. Having a plan-B, muddies your plan-A has always been my philosophy, but I don’t want this chick tracking me down for child support or some shit. Either way, Rick was nice enough to record her taking that plan-B at least for my piece of mind, so ya’ll get to see it too. Enjoy, Cam